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LAND HO, INC. is America's Premier Land Wholesaler.  We offer a wide variety of properties across this great nation.  Whether you're looking for building lots, waterfront property, scenic ranches, wooded campsites or vast acreage, Land Ho has the right parcels for you at prices you won't believe!

Some of the merits of owning land are:

    Portfolio Diversification
    Consider allocating a portion of your assets to land.  Statistics demonstrate that a well diversified portfolio reduces overall risk.

    Finite Supply
    The world's population is growing.  More people will require more food and shelter, both of which require land.  The land supply is fixed while demand continues to grow.

    Inflation Hedge
    The U.S. Federal Reserve is printing dollars at an alarming rate, decreasing their individual value.  Our national debt rating has recently been downgraded.  Protect yourself with land!

    Historically Low Pricing
    While gold and silver prices have skyrocketed over the last decade, land prices are at historical lows.  Don't chase overvalued precious metals, buy the asset class which protects against inflation without the threat of bubble pricing.

    Have a Vacation or Emergency Retreat
    Would you like to have a remote ranch or campsite?  Where would you go if a major crisis occurred?  Add to your family's estate a second home or escape retreat.

Please take a moment to peruse our current inventory offerings.  We are proud of the quality land offered and we will be happy to address any questions you may have.  Feel free to Contact Us to leave your information or call today toll-free at (855) LAND-HO-1.  We can't make more land, so hurry or you're out of luck!

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Featured Land Opportunity

Featured Land Opportunity