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Land Buying Process

Our process is entirely remote.  There is no need to travel to meet, see the property or close.

Beautiful Landscape

1. We Research Your Land Property

Our review process begin once you provide us the basic information about your land, when you Register Your Property.  Land Ho prepares an offer using available public information.

Planning Travels

2. We Present An Offer to You

Once we verify that your property meets our buying criteria, we will present you with our offer price, terms and conditions.

Planning Travels
Cluster of Islands
Cluster of Islands

3. We Send You An Agreement

Land Ho will prepare a purchase agreement when we have agreed to the basic terms.

4. We Prepare All Closing Documents

Once we’ve received your signed agreement, you only need to sign, notarize, and return a few documents.  We pay for all the costs involved and arrange everything for you! It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Camping in Mountains

5. You Get Paid!

Once the signed and notarized documents are received, and you get paid!

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