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Sandy Beach


Tropical Island

How much information about the property is needed?

Not much! List the state and county where the property is located, the name of the property’s owner as listed with the county, and your contact information. Adding additional information will help us research your land and get you an offer more quickly. 

Why not sell this land on my own?

Costs: Typical costs you’d expect to pay when selling land on your own may include: listing fees, advertising, photography, deed and document prep fees, recording fees and transfer taxes.

You can forget about paying any of these. We’ve got them covered!


Timing: It may take months or years to find a buyer able to complete a cash sale.  Any interested buyer without enough cash needs to borrow or request owner financing so you collect monthly and hope for full payment.

RV on Land
Mountain Landscape

Are there expenses involved in selling my land to Land Ho?

NO, not with us! You will NEVER have to spend any of your own money to sell your land property to us.   We make selling land as easy as possible!

What if the title isn't clear and/or there are other names, liens, or encumbrances on the land?

We will determine through our research if any title issues exist. Each situation is different. We can often find a solution through creative options to fix title issues when necessary.

Grass and Sea
Camping Site in Mountains

What if there are back taxes or dues on my land property?

Selling your land to us does not require any money out of pocket.  Property will be purchased subject to Land Ho’s assumption of any back taxes or dues.

What if I don't have a copy of my Deed to the Property?

Not a problem! We can acquire most, if not all, of the documents we need from the county offices to complete the purchase, so it won’t require much effort on your end.

Cattle in Pasture
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