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We all want to make money!  LAND has long been the wise path to great riches throughout history.  Land ownership is an excellent inflation and currency risk hedge and is also a great asset class for portfolio diversification.  Population growth and the growing need for food continue to drive up land prices.  Having a vacation spot or emergency retreat make great sense as well to add to a family’s nest egg.  


But where to invest?  Land Ho, America’s Premier Land Wholesaler, has several hundred remaining properties in an area poised for explosive growth.  A perfect storm seems to be evolving which appears to be creating an optimal long term land investment opportunity scenario.  Read below to see if you agree.


The White House is promoting the area for jobs and is providing financial support.  Our properties are near a USA domestic manufacturing hub which is now under construction.  Located in New Mexico, about 25 miles south of Albuquerque, the Trump Administration has just granted funds to provide infrastructure to the operation, called the Central New Mexico Rail Park.  This is consistent with Trump’s call for domestic manufacturing “to bring back jobs from overseas.”  The infrastructure project itself is expected to create 3,000 jobs and the manufacturers are forecast to add tens of thousands more.  See the recent US Department of Commerce Press Release here:


The railroad is promoting the area to bring large manufacturers, which in turn bring many jobs.  This location is expertly designed to assist manufacturers in the United States make products inexpensively to compete with foreign imports.  Railroad links are being made available there to ship products cheaply and easily to the entire western United States.  See Burlington Northern Santa Fe, LLC information here:


Facebook has ALSO chosen this location for a major new multi-billion dollar facility!   Facebook has just opened the facility this year but has recently TRIPLED the size of its planned operation!  $30 BILLION in industrial revenue bonds have been authorized - an amazing figure for a town of this size.  See more details here:


Between these and other recent local developments, tens of thousands of new jobs are expected in an area which, until recently, was a sleepy small town.  New jobs will lead to more demand for housing and, of course, the need for LAND.  The properties are located in a development which contains a University of New Mexico campus and are also a gorgeous bike ride from the Manzano Mountains State Park.  The climate is beautiful and mostly dry, with 278 sunny days per year and only six inches of snow annually.


We have 1/4 acre lots available for just $395 each in purchases of 100 or more ($895 each for just one!).  Great opportunity for a long term land investor.  Carrying costs are just $3 per lot per month - buyer would assume any owed.  As the area becomes more developed, these properties may approach or even exceed the traditional value of their similarly-sized peers, in excess of $12,000 each.


A purchase of these properties would be a great long-term hedge for a foreign manufacturer as it provides a benefit in US Dollars if the trade war with China continues.  First come, first served!


Peter at Land Ho can be reached at INFO@LANDHO.TV OR (855) LANDHO-1 [(855) 526-3461] for details on remaining inventory.  Land Ho has other land options available as well at LandHo.TV, but the New Mexico lots are moving fast.  Register at our website to be added to our mailing list if you wish.  


“The Best Investment on Earth is Earth!” - Land Ho

“Buy Land, they’re not making it anymore!” - Mark Twain