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The United States dollar is no longer secured by gold. Since President Nixon, our fiat currency is only backed by the "faith and credit of the U.S. Government". When the potential for gold redemptions was removed, fiscal discipline all but disappeared and deficit spending became the norm. Consequently, the dollar's purchasing power has declined since. In addition to ballooning entitlement costs, the ever-increasing debt is causing interest expenses to soar.

In 2011 alone, our country spent $454 billion in interest payments, roughly one-fifth of all federal taxes paid. This is not a program that may be cut. Reductions in other entitlement programs are virtually impossible given the partisan gridlock in Washington, D.C. Our 2012 federal spending of about $3.8 trillion is more than 50% greater than the $2.5 trillion in taxes to be received by Uncle Sam this year! Much of the shortfall has come from the Federal Reserve "printing" more dollars and loaning them to the United States Treasury (look out Bernie Madoff!). Consequently, the United States' credit rating has recently been downgraded, clear evidence of the erosion of its "full faith and credit", which does not have unlimited value. We are losing our status as having the world's reserve currency. There is no solution on the horizon.

Because our government's outlays are so much greater than our tax receipts, we have no choice but to continue to "monetize" our debt by printing new dollars, which dilutes their individual value. In recent years, the U.S. Federal Reserve has stopped publicly reporting the M3 money supply - we don't even know how many dollars are in circulation. Imagine the consequences of a public company not revealing how many shares are outstanding!

Land Ho offers a solution. Protect the purchasing power of your nest egg today through the purchase of a piece of our great country. There has never been a better time to buy land – and we make it easy!

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