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Land of Legends!

Multiple 0.3 Acre Lots Available

Cochise County is popularly known as the “Land of Legends”. Cochise County, AZ works hard to preserve its rich historical background. Located in Cochise County is the Cowboy Hall of Fame, the Chiricahua Regional Museum & Research Center and the Rex Allen Museum. Residents can visit the Chiricahua National Monument, Fort Bowie National Historic Site and Willcox Historic Cemetery. Take a trip to Railroad Ave. in Old Town Willcox, an area once visited by Geronimo and Wyatt Earp. Cochise County is a place where legends are made; buy your land today and become a part of the story.

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Despite an abundance of desert, half of Arizona is mountainous terrain. Mild winters, sunny days and great scenery are just some of the great reasons people go to Arizona. If you still crave lower winter temperatures, the mountains of the northern part of the state have more seasonable climate changes and even feature a ski resort! Camping, boating, fishing, hiking and rafting are just some of the activities enjoyed in Arizona. If golf is your activity of choice, Arizona has 300 courses to choose from in a variety of styles such as links and hilly.

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